Hisense 8k Tv Technology and Dual Screen


Hisense today introduced the television, which itself calls the world’s first 8K HDR dual-screen TV. The model bears the name 85U9E and, as the name suggests, is equipped with an 85-inch panel.

Hisense 85U9E with First 8k Tv Technology – Two Screens

In this case, the two-screen is a concrete concept. Recall that last year Hisense released a line of U9e televisions, which also spoke about two screens, but it was more correct to talk about two panels since the TV display consisted of two panels: a conventional liquid crystal and monochrome, which is located “below” the main one.

In the case of the 85U9E, everything is simpler: there is a main 85-inch display, and under it, there is the second diagonal of 28 inches. However, you yourself can see it in the photographs.

Hi sense 8k tv
Hi sense 8k tv

Hisense does not pay much attention to the additional screen in the TV description, but it is said that this is a display assistant that works constantly. Judging by the images, various useful information is displayed on it like time, weather forecasts, various menus and so on.

As for the main panel, its resolution is 7680 x 4320 pixels, but something else is more interesting here. Firstly, it is worth noting the 10-bit color display, the declared peak brightness of 2,500 cd / m 2 , the contrast of 80,000: 1 and the value of Delta E <1. The manufacturer claims that in terms of color accuracy, its new product is superior to the iPhone 11 and Sony Z9D TV.


Secondly, Mini-LED backlighting is used here with 1694 separate zones, for which the TV has a separate microprocessor for controlling backlighting algorithms and 112 separate backlight controllers! Hisense also mentions a platform with a dual-core AI unit and performance, apparently, at 6.5 TOPS (the site says just 6.5T).


It is also worth noting 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of flash memory and a sound subsystem of the 4.2.2 format with a power of 110 watts. True, the site mentions some 14 more “big speakers”, but it is not clear what is meant. The TV is running Android Pie. The price is $ 11,350.

It is worth noting that initially this TV was shown at IFA 2019, but now all the details and prices have appeared.




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