Hyposmia is the ‘main’ symptom of latest Omicron 2022 Virus

In China, 3.5 crore Kovid-19 cases have been seen in a day. This information given by various media reports shows how Omicron BF.7 has become aggressive in China. However, after the spread of excessive infection, China has stopped giving official daily figures.

The Zoe Health Study released a list of 10 major symptoms of COVID-19. Hyposmia has also been kept? This symptom of Kovid-19 is felt in the nose. Which is big proof of infection. Let us know what is hyposmia and how to identify it.

Is hyposmia also a symptom of Omicron?

Everyone wants to know the characteristics of Omicron BF.7. But the World Health Organization says that no such evidence has been found so far to say that the symptoms of Omicron are different from the symptoms of Kovid-19. On this basis, hyposmia can also be considered the main symptom of Omicron.

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Anosmia or smell blindness, loss of the ability to smell
Anosmia or smell blindness, loss of the ability to smell, one of the possible symptoms of covid-19, infectious disease caused by corona virus. Woman Trying to Sense Smell of a Lemon

What does hyposmia mean?

Hyposmia has been a prominent symptom observed since the onset of COVID-19. As soon as it is visible, the chances of Kovid-19 infection increase to a great extent. According to Medical News Today, hyposmia is a symptom perceived through the nose, in which a person’s ability to smell is slightly or greatly reduced.

Anosmia is the brother of Hyposmia!

It is also important to understand anosmia along with hyposmia. Because, when hyposmia becomes severe, it becomes anosmia. In anosmia, the patient’s ability to smell completely ends (Loss of Smell). It emerged as the most prominent symptom in the first wave of Covid-19.

How is the situation in India?

The good news is that the new variant of Omicron is yet to make a big impact in India. But the Health Ministry is constantly monitoring the situation and RT-PCR test has been made mandatory for passengers coming from China and other affected countries.

wear a mask on your face

The mask is very important to prevent Omicron BF.7 or other variants from becoming aggressive. This greatly slows down the spread of infection. That’s why, when going out of the house, apply a mask on the face, and in case of a cold, or cough, use this protective shield at home as well.


Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot be a substitute for any medicine or treatment in any way. Always consult your doctor for more details.

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