Incredible Samsung smartphone has two folds of screen and a keyboard


Incredible Samsung smartphone has two folds of screen and a keyboard

Samsung has patented yet another flexible display smartphone design, LetsGoDigital reports. This time we are talking about a very unusual device with a number of features.


The appearance of the device can be judged by the renders created by the LetsGoDigital staff in conjunction with the chief editor of the Yanko Design studio, designer Sarang Sheth.

Samsung is speculating on a smartphone that folds in two places with a body and a large flexible display. Thanks to the Z-shape form factor, one of the three sections of the screen will be folded outside – this eliminates the need for an additional external display.

When unfolded, the owner will have a mini-tablet at his disposal. Moreover, the user will be able to interact with the gadget not only through the touch panel but also through the built-in keyboard with a QWERTY layout. The latter will, if necessary, slide out of the body.

The renders indicate the presence of a front camera installed in a small screen hole, a multi-module rear camera, asymmetrical USB Type-C port, and side physical control buttons.

Unfortunately, so far such an incredible device exists only in the patent documentation published on the website of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). 



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