Instant Game Switching on Xbox Series S: Microsoft Demonstrates Quick Resume


Instant Game Switching on Xbox Series S: Microsoft Demonstrates Quick Resume

One of the key innovations of the next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony (like the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and S) is the high-speed solid-state drive. It allows you to load resources almost instantly and significantly reduces the loading time of games and new levels.

Xbox series s
Xbox series s

Microsoft is also actively promoting Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X and S consoles, which allows you to very quickly switch between projects. The owner of the system can continue the game exactly from the place where he left it (if, of course, this is not a multiplayer mode).

Moreover, this can be done with all games installed on the system. And judging by the presented trailer, this happens, in fact, very quickly – in a matter of seconds. Compared to modern consoles, this cannot even be called an expectation. However, the video shows only games of the Xbox One generation and older: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Minecraft Dungeons, Skate 3 (Xbox 360), and BLACK (Xbox 1).

It is not clear how fast the same process will turn out to be for next-generation projects that objectively use more RAM and take up more storage space, but in any case, this aspect of next-generation systems is perhaps more pleasing than prettier graphics, which are far from everywhere it is striking.

The Xbox Series S delivers four times the processing power of the Xbox One console, supports up to 120fps for more immersive and responsive gameplay with DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading hardware-accelerated ray tracing. In addition, the Series S features a 512GB SSD based on the Xbox Velocity architecture, delivering more than 40x the I / O bandwidth of the Xbox One. This results in shorter load times, more stable frame rates, and faster switching between games.

Xbox Series X and Series S will be released on November 10 worldwide for $ 499 (in Russia – 45,590 ₽) and $ 299 (26,990 ₽), respectively.



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