IPhone 12 processor is 25% more productive than its predecessor in Geekbench


IPhone 12 processor is 25% more productive than its predecessor in Geekbench

In the database of the popular benchmark Geekbench, the results of testing the iPhone 12 series smartphones, which were presented on October 13, appeared. Based on the available data, the A14 chip on which the new devices are based is more than 20 percent faster than the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 12
iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro scored 1597 points in the Geekbench single-core test. The smartphone passed multi-core testing with a score of 4152 points. These results are 26 percent higher than the iPhone 11 Pro, which scores 1327 and 3289 points, respectively. Likewise, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is about 25 percent faster than its predecessor.

As expected, the performance of the iPhone 12 Pro is roughly on par with the new fourth-generation iPad Air, which is not surprising since the devices are based on the same chipset. The iPad Air scores 1583 and 4198 points in Geekbench in single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.

It is worth noting that some of the iPhone 12 test results show lower performance, which, according to experts, is typical for pre-release versions of new iPhones, since such devices can run “raw” software versions.

According to Apple, the A14 Bionic chip is the fastest smartphone processor ever made and the first to be manufactured using a 5nm process. The chipset-integrated neural processor has 16 cores instead of eight in the A13 Bionic, making it 80 percent faster in machine learning tasks.



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