iPhone SE could be even faster than iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it lacks RAM


However, the difference is still minimal.

As you know, the “budget” iPhone SE of the second generation is based on the same platform as the top-end iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. At the same time, in the same AnTuTu benchmark, the younger model is gaining significantly fewer points.

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

iPhone SE could be even faster than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it lacks RAM

Is there a difference in performance in real conditions? The PhoneBuff channel, which tests smartphones using a robotic arm, compared the second-generation iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Pro Max in terms of application launch speed.

As you can see, the flagship still won, although it was only 7% ahead of its brother. At the same time, if you watch the video in more detail, you can see that for some time the iPhone SE even led, but it was let down by a smaller amount of RAM (3 GB versus 4 GB), because of which some applications were simply unloaded from RAM and the smartphone had to start them all over again.

Thus, if we talk specifically about the speed of launching applications, there is practically no difference between smartphones, but in some cases, the owners of the iPhone SE will be faced with a situation where an application will be unloaded from RAM.



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