Launch of three communication satellites “Gonets-M” into orbit may be postponed


Launch of three communication satellites “Gonets-M” into orbit may be postponed

It is not excluded that the launch of the next batch of Russian low-orbit communication satellites “Gonets-M” will be postponed to a later date. The reason is the need for additional work with the launch vehicle.

Gonets M
Gonets M

Satellites “Gonets-M” are the basis of the multifunctional communication system “Gonets-D1M”. It provides data transmission for stationary and mobile objects in areas with incomplete or no coverage of terrestrial communication networks.

This year, it was planned to launch six new Gonets-M vehicles into orbit. The first three went into space in September: then the launch was first carried out using the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle. Previously, satellites of this family were launched on the Rokot conversion rocket.

The launch of three more Messengers was supposed to take place on the Soyuz-2.1b rocket next week, November 24. But, as RIA Novosti now reports, citing sources in the rocket and space industry, the launch will most likely be postponed.

“We needed to replace one of the rocket parts. In this regard, it is not ruled out that the launch will be postponed, ”informed persons said.

It is specified that in case of a delay, the start will take place after November 28. Thus, there is a possibility of postponing the launch to the last month of the current year.



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