LG recalled about 60 thousand OLED TVs due to possible overheating


LG recalled about 60 thousand OLED TVs due to possible overheating

According to ZDNet, LG Electronics has recalled about 60,000 OLED TVs sold in the South Korean market. The problem is with the power board, which malfunctioning may cause the device to overheat. According to the South Korean manufacturer, 18 different OLED TV models sold from February 2016 to September 2019 were recalled.


Caught under replacement TV models:

  • OLED65E6, OLED65G6, and OLED77G6 released in 2016;
  • 2017 models OLED65B7, OLED65C7, OLED65E7, OLED65G7, OLED65W7, OLED77G7, and OLED77W7;
  • OLED65G8, OLED65W8, OLED77C8, and OLED77W8 released in 2018;
  • OLED65W9, OLED77B9, OLED77C9, and OLED77W9 introduced in 2019.

“Overheating is observed in only a small number of TVs of the presented models using this component of the power board, but for the safety of our customers, we are ready to provide a free replacement for all devices,” the company said and apologized to its customers for the inconvenience.

The problem lies in one component of the power boards used to reduce excess current noise. LG reported that malfunctioning of one of the components on the board can lead to an increase in the voltage supplied to the TV. And this, in turn, can lead to overheating of the device. To date, the South Korean electronics manufacturer has already replaced the power cards for 22,000 recalled TVs free of charge.

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