Low-quality optics almost derailed the launch of the iPhone 12


Low-quality optics almost derailed the launch of the iPhone 12

One of the lens suppliers for the regular (non-Pro) versions of the iPhone 12 is experiencing quality issues, according to new data from respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, this fact should not affect the shipping schedule of the devices, as the other supplier is able to compensate for the lack of lenses.


Kuo says Genius Electronic Optical has found that the coating on a wide-angle lens designed for the lower-end iPhone 12 is prone to cracking. The problem was discovered during testing at high temperatures and high humidity. Because of this, the supply of components manufactured by Genius Electronic Optical will be somewhat delayed.

Largan is another lens supplier, and Kuo claims it has no quality issues. It is reported that Largan will be able to supply the number of lenses needed to launch the iPhone 12 on time. Kuo also says that even if Genius Electronic Optical resolves product quality issues, it will have to cut lens prices by about 30% to recoup its share of the total. supplies of optics.

As a reminder, last week Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 family will launch a few weeks later than usual. In addition, it is assumed that the company will release new items in two stages. Two 6.1-inch models will be presented first, and later Apple will show 5.4- and 6.7-inch devices.



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