Mercedes-Benz now also has an autopilot, but ordinary people will not be given it yet


Mercedes-Benz now also has an autopilot, but ordinary people will not be given it yet

While American automaker Tesla is touting the cutting edge capabilities of its new Full Self Driving software, German rival Mercedes-Benz claims to have developed a similar system but has no plans to use it on city roads just yet.


The German automaker, a pioneer in the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), is taking a phased approach to release new technologies, waiting for engineers, rather than the general public, to test new systems.

Both approaches – conservative and radical – are designed to promote highly automated driving technology on public roads, which will significantly reduce the number of road accidents by making computers more responsive to emergencies than humans.

It should be noted that Mercedes is not allowing members of the public to test their experimental autonomous driving systems. According to the automaker, its engineers must pass a qualification test to become test drivers. And to participate in the testing of automated driving systems, they will need to pass another exam.

The German automaker has no intention of convincing its customers to trust processors, software, and the ability of machines to learn over time. Instead, he would like to see new automotive technologies tested by engineers to make them predictable for car owners.

“ We don’t want blind trust. We want conscious trust in the car. The buyer must know exactly what the car can and cannot do, ”a Mercedes spokesman told Reuters in an interview at the carmaker’s test site in Emmendingen, Germany.



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