Microsoft believes a 512GB SSD in Xbox Series S is enough for most


Microsoft believes a 512GB SSD in Xbox Series S is enough for most

During the disclosure of the details of the Xbox Series S, it became known that the console is equipped with a custom NVMe SSD 512 GB. According to some gamers, this is too little, because the size of modern games can easily go up to 100 GB. Moreover, out of 512 GB in the set-top box, only 364 GB are allocated for installing projects. This can be a problem for users, but Microsoft thinks otherwise. She is confident that the allocated space will be enough for many players.

Xbox series x

The corresponding statement was made by the Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald (Jason Ronald). As the portal Wccftech reports with reference to the latest issue of EDGE magazine, the leader said: “If we look at the types of players, we can highlight the most different; some people launch ten to fifteen projects a month; other users will choose only one game and play it as thoroughly as possible. Obviously, in the second case, gamers don’t constantly switch between games. Some people [also] are able to set up small projects and have fun with them in parallel. Therefore, we examined the data and were sure to install 512GB in the Series the S the Xbox ».

Recall: in the older Microsoft console of the new generation Xbox Series X, 802 GB are allocated for games, and in the PlayStation 5, according to unconfirmed information, 664 GB.

Sales of the new Xbox in Russia will begin on November 10. The Series S is priced at 26,990 rubles, and the Series X is 45,590 rubles. 



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