Microsoft discontinues PHP support on Windows


PHP supported since Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced that it intends to discontinue PHP support in its Windows operating system. 

Windows 10
Windows 10

Microsoft discontinues PHP support on Windows

PHP is a scripting language popular in the field of web development. Dale Hirt, a PHP project manager at Microsoft, announced the termination of support. 

Currently, Microsoft provides support for the development and assembly of PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4, as well as assistance with PHP 7.2 security fixes. However, the company does not plan to support the next major release in Windows – PHP 8.0. Support for PHP 8.0 is left to the community. 

At the same time, support for PHP 7.2 will end in November, for PHP 7.3 from November they will only fix security errors, and for PHP 7.4 they will fix errors for another year and then make security fixes for another year.



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