MSI Creator 400M Enclosure Holds Up to E-ATX Boards


According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for workstations

MSI introduced the Creator 400M, which, according to her, is designed to build high-performance PCs and workstations. It accommodates motherboards up to E-ATX and has a strict external design that uses a combination of black and tinted tempered glass. Allegedly, the glass is not easy – for the first time in the industry, triple lamination is tried on it, which should reduce the noise level. The thickness of the glass is 5.38 mm.

MSI Creator 400M
MSI Creator 400M

MSI Creator 400M Enclosure Holds Up to E-ATX Boards

The front panel opens like a door. Behind it are the front fan intakes and a 5.25-inch drive bay.

Inside the case is divided vertically. In the lower compartment, there is a power supply unit up to 18 cm long and drives. The upper compartment is for other components. It contains expansion cards up to 45 cm long. The maximum allowable height of the processor cooling system is 18 cm.

On the front wall, you can install up to three 140-mm fans (two are installed normally), behind the back – one (it is also installed by the manufacturer). As an alternative, a radiator up to 360 mm in length is placed in front.

The I / O panel includes connectors for three USB 3.2 ports, one of which is USB-C, two USB 2.0 connectors, and headphone and microphone jacks. Case dimensions are 550 x 235 x 503 mm, weight – 7.7 kg. The source does not name the price.



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