Netflix automatically deletes unused accounts


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:09 pm

Netflix is ​​sending an email to all its users who have not used the service for more than a year, deleting those who are inactive

If in the next few days you will receive an e-mail from Netflix asking you to confirm your subscription to the streaming platform, rest assured, this is not a phishing attack. Netflix has published a note on its website, warning users: an email campaign will be launched in a few days against those who have signed up for the subscription for more than a year but have never logged in to the service.

In the event that there is no response from the user, the subscription will be cancelled automatically, but the user can always return to reactivate it. This decision is part of the policy pursued by Netflix in recent years to make it easy to subscribe and to cancel a subscription. Anyone who reactivates their subscription on Netflix within 10 months of the interruption will find all their saved settings, including the TV series and films that they had started to see, but had not yet finished.

Because Netflix wants to delete unused accounts

It can sometimes happen to subscribe to a service and decide after a few months not to use it anymore, forgetting, however, to unsubscribe. For this reason, Netflix has decided to help users who continue to pay for the subscription, but have not used it for some time now, because, as stated in the press release ” the last thing we want at Netflix is ​​to see people pay for something that does not use “.

Netflix automatically deletes unused accounts
Netflix automatically deletes unused accounts

For this reason, in the next few days, Netflix will send an e-mail to all those who have never logged in to the platform one year after the subscription, and to those who have not used the service for more than two years. In the message, users must confirm their intention to continue with the subscription, otherwise, it will be automatically deactivated. At any time the user can re-enter his account to reactivate it. Inactive profiles represent only 0.5% of all those present on Netflix.

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To ensure continuity for all users who decide to reactivate Netflix even after cancelling their subscription, their settings will be saved for 10 months, including the films and TV series they were viewing

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