NinjaStand for laptop weighs just 50g


Four days later, Kickstarter will complete the fundraising for the release of the laptop stand, which its creators called NinjaStand. In their not-so-humble opinion, NinjaStand is “the best laptop stand in the world.”

The product is a folding leg, with which the laptop can be given a position that is more convenient for working on the keyboard and improves ventilation. The advantages of NinjaStand include the small size and weight – only 50 g. The width of one leg is 4 cm, the length is 10.3 cm.

ninja laptop stand
ninja laptop stand
When folded, the legs increase the thickness of the laptop by only 5 mm, and when unfolded, they raise the edge of the laptop by 6 cm. NinjaStand is said to be suitable for any laptop because it can withstand loads of up to 5 kg.
For a kit for one laptop, the project organizers are asking for $ 11. The amount of about 13,000 dollars declared as the campaign goal has already been exceeded. Shipment of finished products should begin in April.


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