Nokia introduced … the operating system


Apple already uses it

Many companies are thinking about how to make better use of information and data. Nokia, as a company based on information systems and innovations, made an interesting statement.


Nokia introduced … the operating system

Nokia has announced the launch of a new generation network operating system for data centers, called Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) NOS. In addition, the company released tools for automating and operating networks.

The new Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) NOS operating system and the Fabric Service Business Platform (FSP) were developed jointly by Nokia and leading global Internet companies, including Apple. Apple is currently deploying Nokia’s solution in its cloud-based data center.

According to the creators, Nokia SR Linux is a real architectural achievement. This is the first network operating system (NOS) based entirely on the latest microservices. SR Linux NDK (NetOps Developer Kit) provides a complete and rich set of programming features. SR Linux is the industry’s first flexible and open network application development environment.

Nokia FSP provides a set of tools that cloud service providers need to implement network operations based on network intentions and strategies. FSP is designed to build, deploy, and control an entire data center network based on a powerful network layer architecture. Nokia data center networking solutions provide openness, flexibility, reliability, and automation. They facilitate the expansion, configuration, and operation of data centers and cloud environments.



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