Northgard’s strategy for Scandinavian myths is out on iOS


Northgard’s strategy for Scandinavian myths is out on iOS

Shiro Games’ real-time strategy game Northgard was released on April 13 for iOS. The game’s cost in the App Store is 749 ₽ The developers promise even more additions with clans. Northgard’s Android version is due out this year.


Playdigious was responsible for porting – the mobile version includes everything in the base game on the PC, including updates to Ragnarok and Relics, but does not have multiplayer support. The studio has introduced optimizations for Apple mobile devices: this is an improved interface, and Game Center achievements, and iCloud support, which allows you to continue playing on different iOS devices.

Northgard is a strategy in Scandinavian myths’ spirit, which allows you to become the Viking clan leader and subjugate new lands in Norgard – a new land full of secrets, dangers, and riches. The bravest of the northerners came here to gain glory, bargaining power, and glorify the gods. But along the way, you will have to defeat the local wolves and the undead, make friends or defeat the giants of the jotuns, and also survive the most severe winters that the North has ever seen.

The game allows you to build a new settlement on a newly discovered continent; distribute classes to their Vikings (peasants, soldiers, sailors, sages, and so on); wisely spend resources to survive the harsh winters and raids of enemies; expand possessions and discover new strategically important lands; achieve victory in different ways: conquest, glory, wisdom or trade.

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The story mode in the game is called Saga of Riga. According to prehistory, the Vikings’ supreme king was killed, and his royal horn was stolen by a man named Hagen. The son and heir of king Riga, together with his faithful assistant Brand, set off for the new continent of Nordgard. He will find new friends and enemies on these lands, discover a much greater evil than Hagen, and learn about why his father died.


11 chapters of the campaign allow you to master the features of the first 6 clans, but if you wish, you can purchase add-ons with the clans of the Serpent, Dragon, and Kraken (however, until April 20, the Serpent clan can be obtained for free). The Serpent clan assumes guerrilla tactics with attacks from the shadows; the Dragon clan remains faithful to traditions and makes sacrifices to the gods; and the Kraken clan offers to tame the harsh sea, subjugating its fierce power.

Northgard was in Steam Early Access for a while, with a full launch on PC in March 2018, and RTS making its way to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.


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