Nvidia graphics cards will soon receive technology “like AMD”. It’s about Resizable BAR


It will be supported by all RTX 3000 cards

As expected, AMD SAM’s Resizable BAR technology will also come to Nvidia video cards, and quite officially. 

Nvidia graphics cards
Nvidia graphics cards

Nvidia graphics cards will soon receive technology “like AMD”. It’s about Resizable BAR

The company itself announced this, saying that the technology will be available for mobile GeForce RTX 3000 adapters, regardless of the processor. And it will happen immediately with the release of the corresponding laptops. In terms of desktop cards, Nvidia partners are already preparing appropriate VBIOS updates. The corresponding driver will be released with the GeForce RTX 3060 at the end of February. 

Recall that the Resizable BAR technology is based on the old PCIe standard and provides the processor with full access to the video card memory. Available tests show that performance gains are often limited to a few per cent, although there are exceptions.  



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