Ois, come on, bye! Vivo X50 Pro Camera Stabilizer Really Impressive


In Vivo, they called their stabilization system “micro-cloud” (micro cloud).

Over the past few days, Vivo has published several teasers to draw attention to its new Vivo X50 Pro smartphone, due on June 1st.

Vivo X50 Pro
Vivo X50 Pro

Ois, come on, bye! Vivo X50 Pro Camera Stabilizer Really Impressive

Firstly, the smartphone received a very unusual camera with a huge main module. And secondly, the manufacturer claims that the stabilization system implemented in the camera significantly exceeds the existing optical image stabilization systems on the market. In Vivo, they called their stabilization system “micro-cloud” (micro cloud).

The camera has a new suspension system that allows you to rotate the image sensor by an angle of up to 3 degrees in all directions, which is three times higher than the capabilities of a traditional optical stabilization system. The system operates from two voice coils with a ribbon cable that connects the sensor to a smartphone. Moreover, the electronic stabilization system also helps with this system, so that the final video turns out to be as smooth as possible, and the photos will almost always be clear. The camera module itself is much larger than in conventional smartphones. It covers an area of ​​363 mm 2 and has a thickness of 4.5 mm.

The following video demonstrates the superiority of the Vivo X50 Pro stabilization system over the traditional optical stabilization system.



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