Pixel Buds 2, several users complain about connectivity problems


The new Pixel Buds 2 earphones have not yet arrived in Global but some connectivity problems already seem to emerge, according to what is shown by a quick consultation of the official support forum (at SOURCE ).

Several critical issues have been reported both for the firmware version 225, and for the subsequent and more recent 295, in general, the Bluetooth sector appears to be the main suspect. Some users complain about the loss of connection of one or both of the earphones during outdoor use, others even report disconnections due to the simple covering with one hand of the earphone.

Pixel Buds 2 connectivity problems
Pixel Buds 2 connectivity problems

Many times the problems have been solved by uncoupling and re-pairing the earphones with the smartphone, but it has not worked for everyone and there does not seem to be a common universal solution. It, therefore, remains to understand the extent of the problem, currently apparently limited but to be kept under observation pending a response from Google.

The company recently announced that Pixel Buds 2 will be supported on a par with Pixel smartphones, thanks to frequent and continuous updates that will also introduce new functions in addition to the usual system stability improvements. No news for the release in Italy, but on the official store it is already possible to pre-order Pixel Buds 2.