PlayStation may be left without future games Bethesda Softworks


PlayStation may be left without future games Bethesda Softworks

Xbox executive Phil Spencer discussed the recent purchase of ZeniMax Media in an interview with Kotaku. When asked directly if Microsoft could recoup its $ 7.5 billion investment by not releasing The Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation 5, he said yes.


He then clarified his answer a bit, saying he didn’t want to appear frivolous.

“This deal was not made to take away games from other players like this one. There was no clause in the document that we drafted: “How do we prevent other players from playing these games?” We want more people to play them, not less, ”Spencer said. – But I will also say – directly answering your question – when I think about where people are going to play and the number of our devices – and we have xCloud, PC, Game Pass, and a console base – I don’t need to release these games on any platform other than the platforms we support in order for the deal to be successful. Whatever that means

Phil Spencer’s words can be interpreted in different ways, but one thing is for sure – if Microsoft wants, nothing will prevent it from abandoning the release of The Elder Scrolls VI and other Bethesda Softworks games on competing platforms.

As a reminder, Microsoft previously confirmed that all new Bethesda Softworks games, including The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield, will be available at launch for Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost. In addition, the publisher’s existing project catalog, which includes the DOOM, Dishonored, Wolfenstein series, and others will be added to the service library.



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