Published a photo of the display module iPhone 12 with a huge “bangs”


Published a photo of the display module iPhone 12 with a huge “bangs”

A fairly high-quality photo was published today, which shows the display module of one of the smartphones of the iPhone 12 series. The publication was made by an authoritative insider who is hiding under the nickname Mr. White, who previously showed the world a photo of the A14 Bionic chips and Apple’s 20W power adapter.


Compared to the display on the iPhone 11, the screen on the iPhone 12 has a reoriented ribbon cable to connect to the device’s motherboard. It is attached to the matrix at the bottom, while the iPhone 11’s screen connects to the ribbon cable on the left side. It is reported that this may be due to the movement of the motherboard to the other side of the smartphone, which is necessary to accommodate the 5G antenna module. It is also expected that the SIM-tray will “move” to the left side of the case.

It’s not entirely clear which iPhone 12 this display module is intended for, but considering the size of the cutout for the True Depth system, it can be assumed that it belongs to the 5.4-inch model, which will be the smallest in the series.

Recall that this fall is expected to release four models of the iPhone 12. One of them will receive a 5.4-inch display, two will boast 6.1-inch matrices, and the conventional iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a 6.7-inch screen.



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