Puzzle Platformer Minute of Islands Gets Release Date – March 18


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:48 pm

Puzzle Platformer Minute of Islands Gets Release Date – March 18

Mixtvision and developer Fizbin has announced the final release date for the game on the official microblog of their puzzle platformer Minute of Islands.

minute of Islands
minute of Islands

On the occasion of the coveted announcement, the developers also published a short (only half a minute) teaser trailer for Minute of Islands, which showed a cut of gameplay and plot fragments.

In an appeal to the players on the Steam website, the creators of Minute of Islands also admitted that they consider the announcement of the release date a “significant event” and cannot wait for the project to finally go on sale.

Minute of Islands is set in a world once inhabited by giants. The mechanisms they have built must be maintained in working order, otherwise “the almost forgotten threat will swallow everything


To help cut the wait for the release, Studio Fizbin has prepared a temporary demo of Minute of Islands. The trial edition is available on Steam until February 9 this year as part of the new ” Steam Games Festival “.

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