Qualcomm and MediaTek to release processors for budget 5G smartphones


Qualcomm and MediaTek to release processors for budget 5G smartphones

The appearance of budget smartphones with support for mobile communications of the fifth-generation (5G) is expected soon. The cost of such devices, according to network sources, will be around the US $ 150 or less.


It is noted that Qualcomm and MediaTek are preparing new processors for inexpensive 5G devices. We are talking about chips that cost less than $ 20. The production of such products will be organized in the near future.

Specifically, Qualcomm is said to be preparing a 5G sm4350 processor. The range of MediaTek will include budget chips with support for 5G of the Dimensity 600 series. These products will become the “heart” of the available devices, which will be announced in the current half of the year.

According to forecasts by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, in 2020 global shipments of 5G devices will range from 170 to 200 million units. For comparison: in 2019, about 18.7 million such devices were shipped. Next year, between 340 and 400 million smartphones for 5G networks are predicted to be sold.

It is expected that exactly 5G devices will become the main driver of the growth of the global smartphone market in the foreseeable future. By 2023, 5G devices will account for half of all shipments of smart cellular devices. 



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