Quick Resume lets you switch between games on Xbox Series S in seconds


Quick Resume lets you switch between games on Xbox Series S in seconds

The Xbox Series X and S consoles, thanks to their fast solid-state drive, let you switch between games very quickly with Quick Resume. A new video of the Series S, which was recently posted on the Web, shows that the technology does fundamentally improve the interaction with the console.


The video, which was posted to the Xbox Series X / S thread on Reddit, shows that it only takes a few seconds to transition from one game to another. Unfortunately, the video only shows Xbox One generation games, so it’s not clear how fast the same process will be for next-generation projects that objectively use more RAM.

After months of rumors, the Xbox Series S was finally officially unveiled last week. The console can offer the same processor and storage speed, but does not have an optical drive, and also features a tripled graphics accelerator and a reduced amount of RAM from 16 to 10 GB – according to some developers, differences in RAM size can create problems. Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox Series S, in addition to playing next-generation games at up to 1440p resolution instead of 4K, will only handle Xbox One S games and will not be able to run improved versions for the Xbox One X.

The Xbox Series S delivers four times the processing power of the Xbox One console, supports up to 120fps for more immersive and responsive gameplay with DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading hardware-accelerated ray tracing. In addition, the Series S features a 512GB SSD based on the Xbox Velocity architecture, providing more than 40x the I / O bandwidth of the Xbox One. This results in faster load times, more stable frame rates, and faster switching between games.

Xbox Series X and Series S will be released on November 10 worldwide at a price of $ 499 (in Russia – 45 590 ₽) and $ 299 (26 990 ₽), respectively.



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