Realme shows how to sell wireless headphones. More than 1 million units sold in five months


Although Apple is, of course, very far

Realme continues to prove that, following the example of Xiaomi, it is possible to achieve success now. Realme initially began to position itself as a manufacturer of low-cost smartphones with decent features. This allowed the company to gain considerable weight in the market in a very short time.


Realme shows how to sell wireless headphones. More than 1 million units sold in five months

After that, Realme took on other segments. And also very successful. As reported, the company has already sold more than 1 million wireless headphones. This is despite the fact that the first such model appeared at the manufacturer only in mid-December, that is, five months ago.

Now Realme already has a large line of TWS headphones, and the Buds Air model managed to take second place among the best-selling fully wireless headphones in India in just two weeks in 2019, second only to AirPods.



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