Realme will soon unveil a laptop, smart speaker and VR glasses


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:13 pm

Realme will soon unveil a laptop, smart speaker and VR glasses

The Chinese company Realme has unveiled a series of teasers talking about the imminent announcement of new products: we are talking about devices combined into a family called Meow.

Realme meow
Realme meow

In particular, it is said about the preparation of the MeowBook ​​laptop. The device is shown in the image from the side, in which you can see the full-size USB Type-A port. The laptop is shown in a dark gray color scheme. Unfortunately, there is no information about the hardware part.

Another novelty is the smart Meow AI Speaker with an intelligent voice assistant. Finally, the Meow VR Glasses are coming.

Teasers report that all three products will debut in early April. Probably the presentation will take place at the end of this week or next week.


Network sources add that Realme intends to release more than 100 devices for the Internet of Things and modern digital life this year. These include fully wireless submersible headphones, smart TVs, smart plugs and lighting devices, etc. Of course, the company will continue to develop its smartphone business actively: Realme has achieved significant success over the past year in this segment. 

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