Release Nearing: Twelve Minutes Receives ‘Adult’ Age Rating


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:13 pm

Release Nearing: Twelve Minutes Receives ‘Adult’ Age Rating

The point-and-click adventure Twelve Minutes is rated 18+. According to several specialized agencies at once, the game is intended exclusively for an adult audience.


In the personal microblog of the project, a message appeared “Coming [to release].” A picture with an age rating of 18+, which various organizations awarded, was attached to the publication. According to agency briefs, Twelve Minutes will feature sexual content, profanity, violence, adult topics, antisocial language, and illegal drugs. What is meant by the latter is not specified.

As a reminder, Twelve Minutes tells the story of a hero who is caught in a 12-minute time loop. After work, he came home and was preparing for dinner with his wife when a police officer suddenly broke into the apartment. The investigator accused the beloved of the protagonist of murder, and he himself was severely beaten. At this point, the main character returned 12 minutes ago and knocked on his own door again. To get out of the time loop, he must find out all the details of the murder story and find out what the police officer is really trying to achieve.

Twelve Minutes is announced for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. According to game developer Luis Antonio, it will be released “very, very soon

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