Rock of Ages’ grotesque survival of The Eternal Cylinder won’t be released in 2020


Rock of Ages’ grotesque survival of The Eternal Cylinder won’t be released in 2020

Publishing Good Shepherd Entertainment and development studio ACE Team (Rock of Ages series)  in the official microblogging of their survival adventure simulator The Eternal Cylinder announced the postponement of the release of the game to a later date.

Rock of ages
Rock of ages

Until recently, the premiere of The Eternal Cylinder was expected before the end of 2020, but as the deadline approached, the team realized that they would not have time to prepare the project by the appointed date.

“2020 was unable to stop The Eternal Cylinder, but it slowed it down. Explore the alien world, develop exotic life forms, and help your family survive. Will be released on PC and consoles in 2021, ”the developers said.

In an accompanying press release, Good Shepherd Entertainment clarified that additional production time will be spent on improving the gaming experience and implementing the open world.

In The Eternal Cylinder, the developers promise a “huge procedurally generated world” through which a giant ancient Cylinder rolls in real-time, crushing everything in its path.

Players in The Eternal Cylinder have to control a group of creatures called Trebhums. These creatures can and should be developed with the help of numerous mutations that affect, among other things, the appearance.

The Eternal Cylinder is being created for PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. At the beginning of 2021, the game will be in closed beta testing – you can sign up for volunteers on the official website.



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