Samsung CEO: “Without Samsung, there will be no future”


Samsung leader is sure of this

If Samsung stops and stops moving forward, then there will be no future. Such a high-profile statement was made by the vice president of Samsung Electronics and the actual head of the Samsung Group Lee Jae-Yong.


Samsung CEO: “Without Samsung, there will be no future”

Against the backdrop of the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, Samsung is launching another large-scale recruitment, as it sees no other alternative, according to the head of the South Korean company, who is again suspected of financial fraud.

Samsung plans to replenish its staff with 1000 more specialists who specialize in artificial intelligence technologies. Many technology companies are working in this direction, Samsung is no exception.

Last year, the company announced multibillion-dollar investments in the artificial intelligence segment, recruiting more than 500 AI and machine learning specialists during the first half of 2020. Lee Jae Young noted that while many companies are cutting costs, Samsung continues to gain momentum.



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