Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will receive the world’s largest sub-screen fingerprint scanner


Samsung is ready for commercial implementation of Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max second generation technology

The upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will surely surprise many, including a fingerprint scanner: as the source says, the smartphones in the line may be the first to try on a second-generation Qualcomm 3D Sonic ultrasound fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

Its feature is that it covers 17 times the screen area than the first-generation 3D Sonic, which was used in the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. Moreover, 3D Sonic Max allows you to read two fingerprints at the same time, which increases security, and does it faster than 3D Sonic of the first generation.

These data were shared by the head of Display Chain Consultants Ross Young. He also talked about other characteristics of the Galaxy Note 20.

In particular, it is reported that there will be two models: the younger will receive a 6.42-inch display, the older one will have a 6.87-inch screen. 

It is expected that the devices will use OLED matrices made using LPTO technology with less energy consumption. 

But the frame rate will be the flagship 120 Hz. The battery capacity will also increase: it will be in the range from 4000 to 5000 mAh.

Finally, the most important thing: despite the tense epidemiological situation in many countries and the emerging tendency to transfer various events and product announcements, the Galaxy Note 20 will debut in the usual time frame. 

That is, the premiere will take place in early August, and sales will start in September.



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