Sony considered launching a cheaper version of the PlayStation 5, but decided that users did not need it


Sony considered launching a cheaper version of the PlayStation 5, but decided that users did not need it

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with the Japanese edition of AV Watch said that the PlayStation team had previously thought about producing a weak and cheap version of the PlayStation 5 in addition to the main one, but eventually abandoned this idea.


According to Ryan, he respects “each competitor’s decision and philosophy,” but Sony Interactive Entertainment decided that the weaker version of the console was not doing much. “Obviously, price is a very important factor,” he said. – One thing can be said: if you look at the history of the gaming business, the creation of a special low-cost console with relatively weak characteristics is something that has not had great results in the past. We looked at this option and learned that other leaders who tried to do it realized how problematic it is

Jim Ryan said the company is instead pursuing a different strategy: the console should last up to seven years for people, and the downgraded model does not. “[Buyers] want to trust that they’ve bought something that meets the demands of tomorrow and won’t be outdated in two or three years,” he explained. ” They want to believe that if they end up buying a new TV, their current console can support this new 4K TV

PlayStation 5 in Russia will go on sale on November 19. In addition to the standard version of the console, Sony will release a model without a floppy drive, which will be cheaper – 46,999 rubles and 37,999 rubles, respectively.

At the same time, Microsoft will also offer its customers a model without a floppy drive (Xbox Series S), but it will be significantly weaker than the Xbox Series X and much cheaper. Instead of 4K, the Xbox Series S version supports up to 1440p for gaming. It is not known if there will be any further simplifications in the graphics of the younger model. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will go on sale on November 10 at a price of 45,590 rubles and 26,990 rubles, respectively.



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