Stuffed nose as soon as you wake up in the morning, because it happens


Many people often wake up in the morning and have a stuffy nose even without being cold, why does this happen?

Many people often wake up in the morning and have a stuffy nose even without being cold, why does this happen? This is a very common situation, but also very annoying. It often appears even without the classic flu and cold symptoms. The airways are closed for other reasons, why?

Woman with stuffy nose (Pixabay)
Woman with stuffy nose (Pixabay)

The causes are many, some even to keep an eye on, so much so that you need to consult your doctor to deal with therapy. For example, one of the causes can be a nasal infection. This can be caused by bacteria and viruses and is often accompanied by yellow or clear mucus. It can also infect the throat, making it sore and coughing. It usually clears up within a few days. Other causes?

Why do you wake up with a stuffy nose, the different causes

The most common symptom of this disorder are allergies , which irritate the muscles and plug the nose. Spring allergies, either to dust or grass, congest the nasal passages. In some cases you may be allergic to mold, detergents with which you wash your clothes or even deodorants. We need to understand the cause that triggers the allergy and stay away from it.

Another possible cause is dry air . This is created in many closed environments. In winter, for example, when you seal your home and turn on the heaters. The air must always have a minimum of humidity, otherwise it dries up the throat and nose and does not breathe well. A practical solution, to combat this annoyance, is to leave spaces for air recirculation, or to put basins of water on the radiators.

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Some people suffer from blood vessel rhinitis instead . These swell as a result of sudden changes in temperature, a stressed and tense physical condition, or humidity. The vessels are very sensitive and occlude the nostrils. Finally, another symptom is the deformation of the nostrils . Deviations of the nasal septum, hypertrophy of the turbinates or other.

If the stuffy nose is a problem that afflicts for some time or for a prolonged time, it would be advisable to contact a doctor for a precise diagnosis. You can fight this annoying condition, you just need to know how to move. Usually these are mild and fairly common symptoms, you don’t need to worry too much.

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