Team Ninja Reveals Download Speed ​​In Nioh Remastered Compendium For PlayStation 5


Team Ninja Reveals Download Speed ​​In Nioh Remastered Compendium For PlayStation 5

The Nioh game development team from the Team Ninja studio in the official microblogging of the series shared two short videos with demonstrations of the Nioh Collection on the PlayStation 5.

Nioh Collection
Nioh Collection

Recall that the Nioh Collection is a collection of Nioh and Nioh 2 remasters for the new Sony Interactive Entertainment console with all the released additions included.

Among other things, the Nioh Collection will offer support for 4K resolution, 120 fps, transferring saves from the PlayStation 4, as well as significantly faster downloads than on the previous generation console.

The last of the listed features of the Nioh Collection is dedicated to both Team Ninja videos: the first (attached above) demonstrates the loading speed of the mission when switching to it from the global map.

The second video (attached below) shows how long PlayStation 5 users will have to wait to return to the gameplay after another death. As it turned out, just a couple of seconds.

Among other things, the Gematsu portal drew attention to the appearance in the New Zealand PlayStation Store of the Nioh Collection page with the debut screenshots of the remaster of the first part of Nioh (attached below).

The Nioh Collection, as well as its two separate components – the full editions of the, remasters of Nioh and Nioh 2 – will go on sale on February 5, 2021, for PlayStation 5. Owners of original PS4 games will receive improved versions for free.



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