Tesla Model S is cheaper twice in a week


Tesla’s flagship hatchback drops $ 5,500 in the US

Tesla slashed the price of its flagship passenger car, the Model S, by an impressive $ 3,000 late last week. The price of a car in the USA dropped to $ 71,990, but … only for a few days.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is cheaper twice in a week

Just a couple of days later, Elon Musk on his Twitter announced the second price cut – from today, the base Model S in the US is asking for $ 69,420. That is, another minus $ 2,500. Why such generosity?

One would think that the company simply decided to lower the price of Model S below the psychological mark of $ 70,000. But in fact, Musk was pushed to such a step by the most important (albeit virtual, since car production had not yet started) competitor in the local market – Lucid Motors. Lucid today revealed the cost of the base version of its Air electric sedan. It was $ 69,900 with federal rebates. Elon Musk just wanted the Model S to be more affordable, albeit for a symbolic $ 480.



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