The budget OnePlus Nord N100 revealed support for a display frequency of 90 Hz


The budget OnePlus Nord N100 revealed support for a display frequency of 90 Hz

The announcement of the OnePlus Nord N100 at the end of October initially disappointed those who expected to see a display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz in this smartphone worth 200 euros, because before OnePlus promised such screens to all future smartphones. During the presentation, this characteristic was not announced. However, the online edition Android Authority found out that the screen of the device still supports the 90 Hz mode, which is enabled in the settings.

OnePlus nord
OnePlus Nord

The sample that was tested by the Android Authority was bought in regular UK retail, so there is no question of any special version of the smartphone. After contacting OnePlus, the publication received confirmation that the Nord N100 does support an increased refresh rate. The same is written in the specifications on the official page of the OnePlus Nord N100.

The only question that remained open was why the manufacturer did not want to advertise the function that other brands are now presenting as one of the main “chips”. It can be assumed that the modesty of the company is due to the fact that the 90 Hz mode does not work all the time. Even if it is turned on, the smartphone can lower the frequency to the standard 60 Hz, depending on the applications used and the load on the not the most powerful processor. Perhaps the developers decided that in this case, it is better not to focus on the Fluid Display technology once again, so as not to discredit it if complaints from users begin to arrive.



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