The designer fantasized about the first Xiaomi electric car. It turned out amusing


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:14 pm

Many would like to see the brand’s first electric car as a sports model, not a motorhome.

This week Xiaomi officially announced the start of work on its own electric vehicles and even showed its first car – it suddenly turned out to be a home on wheels. And although with proper demand, the company is ready to launch the production of such large cars, stuffed to the brim with Xiaomi household appliances, many fans of the brand would like to see the model more interesting. For example, something in the spirit of the Tesla Roadster. One of the designers has already fantasized about this topic. Below in the pictures are the fruits of his work.

Xiaomi electric car
Xiaomi electric car

The designer fantasized about the first Xiaomi electric car. It turned out amusing

The designer approached the topic in a comprehensive manner: in the pictures and a possible logo for the automotive division of Xiaomi, and interior elements, and even part of the exterior. Putting it all together – you get an advanced sports car. Surely fast and technologically advanced. And it must also be affordable: at least the company is going to transfer people around the world to their cars, and, therefore, such electric vehicles should not be expensive.  

Xiaomi will release the first electric car no earlier than in three years, and it is difficult to say yet what it will be like. But it would be nice if it was close to what the designer showed on his renders.

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