The first official video of the OnePlus Nord smartphone


The smartphone will not surprise design

Yesterday, we were finally able to see what the OnePlus Nord smartphone actually looks like. Then the source of the drain was the Indian site Amazon, and also talked about a certain video on Instagram IGTV. And now that same video has appeared in its entirety.

OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Nord

The first official video of the OnePlus Nord smartphone

It was published by OnePlus itself, and supposedly the day before yesterday, but for some reason, no one even found it initially yesterday. And the first comments appeared less than a day ago. Anyway, here is the video itself.

You can see the device on it, but not completely. However, this is enough to understand that no unique design awaits us. Apparently, the smartphone will be very similar to most devices last year.

The smartphone, we recall, will be based on the SoC Snapdragon 765G, and the smartphone should also receive support for 30-watt charging. Of the rest, virtually nothing is known reliably, including the price.



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