The first original Poco smartphone after the cult F1. The model is expected in July


Perhaps it will be called Poco M2 Pro

After the Poco brand became conditionally independent from Xiaomi, it released only two new smartphone models: Poco X2 and Poco F2 Pro. In both cases, these are copies of Redmi models.

Poco M2 Pro
Poco M2 Pro

The first original Poco smartphone after the cult F1. The model is expected in July

And now on the horizon supposedly loomed the new Poco, which will not be a copy of any of the other Xiaomi / Redmi models. According to brand head Chandolu Manmohan (Manmohan Chandolu), as early as next month in India will release a new smartphone Poco, which will become exclusive to this market. Forever or temporarily, it is unclear, but it will be exactly your own model of the brand.

Presumably, this smartphone could be the Poco M2 Pro on the SoC Snapdragon 720G. In terms of its parameters, the new product will be similar to Redmi Note 9 Pro. Perhaps this will be Redmi Note 9 Pro, but with a different design.

In addition, the Poco brand is preparing fully wireless headphones Pop Buds, which are likely to be very affordable. But whether this will be the original model or just a renamed version of some Xiaomi / Redmi headphones is not yet clear.



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