The iPhone SE has a camera, like the iPhone 8. But how much worse is the iPhone XR and iPhone 11?


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:12 pm

Worse, but not always

When the iPhone SE was just presented, it was not clear what the smartphone had for the camera. Everyone wanted it to be a module, like the iPhone 11 line, but a little later, many began to claim that the camera is identical to the iPhone XR, that is, the iPhone XS.

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has a camera, like the iPhone 8. But how much worse are the iPhone XR and iPhone 11?

However, in the end, those who wanted to get a top Apple camera phone for a penny were disappointed. The fact is that the optical sensor in iPhone SE, like many other things, migrated straight from the iPhone 8, and the whole difference is due only to the software and algorithms of the current SoC A13 Bionic.

Will the last aspect allow the new Apple smartphone to compete with at least the iPhone XR? The video below gives an answer.

The author compared the camera iPhone SE with cameras iPhone XR and iPhone 11. And … a miracle did not happen. The most affordable current Apple smartphone takes off worse than other models in the company’s lineup. This can be seen in the video and in the photo. And on the video, it is clearly visible even in the afternoon: the detail is a little worse, and the stabilization is not impressive. Although the latter aspect is exactly the same on the iPhone XR.

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As for photo capabilities, everything is more complicated. In the afternoon, it is almost impossible to distinguish pictures from three smartphones, even the white balance is often the same. Moreover, there are no differences in detailing either. The difference appears with diminished lighting. Here, the iPhone 11 becomes the undisputed leader, but the iPhone SE and XR have very similar pictures.

In general, we can say that the iPhone SE is really weaker than the other two test participants, but is there really a big difference? Apart from stabilization, shots in low light, and some scenarios for using the front camera, the iPhone SE camera differs little even from the iPhone 11 camera, not to mention the iPhone XR. So at a price of $ 400, this is a really good offer.

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