TikTok will provide over $ 2 billion in payments to video creators


TikTok will provide over $ 2 billion in payments to video creators

Service TikTok has announced its decision to allocate more than $ 2 billion to support creators of original content over the next three years, as it is already almost on equal terms for market leadership with competitors from the US Instagram and YouTube.

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A few days earlier, the popular service for creating and sharing short videos announced on its blog that it had set up a $ 200 million TikTok Creator Foundation to support original content creators. Then, in an update to a post posted on Wednesday, TikTok revealed that it will provide more than $ 1 billion to content creators in the US over the next three years, with the rest of the world accounting for over $ 2 billion.

As for content creators from Europe, to encourage them, the service has prepared about $ 70 million for the next year, and in total, the service plans to spend at least $ 300 million to support the creativity of residents of European countries over three years.

To access funding, users will need to apply to TikTok support. If the application is approved, they will be provided regular payments for posting content on the TikTok platform.

What the application process looks like and how much you can earn from content for TikTok will be revealed a little later.

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