Unpacking the world’s first 90-watt smartphone. Lenovo decided to show Legion, but only for a few seconds


Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 05:47 pm

An announcement expected within a month

We have known the Lenovo Legion smartphone for a long time, but have not yet introduced it. The announcement is supposed to take place this month, although there is no exact data. Recall, Lenovo Legion should be the first device in the world with 90-watt charging! At the moment, the fastest in serial smartphones is a 65-watt charge.

Lenovo Legion

Unpacking the world’s first 90-watt smartphone. Lenovo decided to show Legion, but only for a few seconds

Also, Lenovo Legion supposedly gets a front camera on the module leaving the case, only this module will be located not on the upper side, but on the side. Thus Lenovo, apparently, wants to show that for a gaming smartphone the horizontal position is the normal position.

Today, the company decided to once again recall its upcoming flagship by publishing a video with its unpacking. True, this is rather a teaser video.

We can see the impressive packaging and the smartphone itself, but only from the back, where nothing special is located. Packaging, most likely, will only be like this for media versions, or for some of the most expensive modifications.

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