Users have become more creative in decorating their PlayStation 5 and DualSense


Users have become more creative in decorating their PlayStation 5 and DualSense

Earlier, we wrote about how PlayStation 5 users, thanks to improvised tools and their skill, repaint the console in black and dark colors. And now it turned out that some owners of the console decided to create more creative designs. And judging by the published photos, they quite successfully coped with the task. Moreover, the DualSense controllers underwent interesting customization options.

Playstation 5
Playstation 5

One of the craftsmen who significantly transformed the PS5 was a visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym crayons. He made the bottom of the console orange and left the top white. On one of the outer panels, the user also depicted a skull against the background of the black PlayStation logo. The result is a rather interesting and unique design.

Reddit user akarshbansal11 appears to be a fan of Spider-Man. He repainted his console red but left the superhero badge-shaped part white. The result is no worse than crayons.

In the meantime, other people are working on improving the look of the DualSense controller. It has already been painted black, purple, and metallic green.

As far as the Xbox Series X is concerned, Microsoft’s console hasn’t been heavily customized yet. Although the user under the pseudonym TheBardAbaddon was still able to mark himself with a creative solution. He affixed a matching Spider-Man Kingpin sticker to the front of the console. This gives the impression that the console body is the body of a supervillain.



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