Video: Flying Lavash and Stroking Donut in Bugsnax Launch Trailer


Video: Flying Lavash and Stroking Donut in Bugsnax Launch Trailer

Independent studio Young Horses, which became famous after the release of its indie hit Octodad, has unveiled the release trailer for the next game – the comedy-adventure Bugsnax.


As a rule, such videos are published a few days before the premiere, but in the case of Bugsnax, there are still two weeks left before the game is released – the project will become part of the PlayStation 5 launch line.

As part of a two-minute video, the authors of Bugsnax resemble a plot: the main character, at the invitation of Elizabeth Megafig, arrives on an island full of edible bugs (bug snacks). At the same time, the researcher herself disappeared somewhere.

The trailer also showcases the diversity of Bugsnax’s fauna, from carrot snakes and flying pita bread to centipede sandwich and a donut that can be stroked if desired.

In addition to searching for Megafig, in Bugsnax you will have to make friends among the intelligent inhabitants of the island, as well as catch (there are special devices for this) and study bug snacks.

Bugsnax will be released on November 12 this year on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The developers have confirmed that owners of the PS4 version will receive the PS5 edition for free and vice versa.

As a reminder, Bugsnax will be the first PS5 game to be included in the PlayStation Plus subscriber collection : the project will be available for free download from November 19, 2020, to January 4, 2021.



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