Video: Photo Mode will appear in A Total War Saga: Troy strategy


Video: Photo Mode will appear in A Total War Saga: Troy strategy

Creative Assembly continues to develop its historical strategy game A Total War Saga: Troy. We are talking about the now popular photo mode: it will allow you to adjust the scene, camera and apply filters to take unusual pictures of what is happening in the game from a variety of angles.

A Total War Saga
A Total War Saga

For example, you can make a general view of a huge battle or focus on staging a colorful duel between two heroes. On this occasion, a small video is presented with examples of pictures taken in the game: a more complete demonstration of the mode was promised the other day, and the full launch is scheduled for October 22.

Recall: Thanks to the free A Total War Saga: Troy giveaway on the Epic Games Store, 7.5 million players got the game in the first 24 hours. Recall: Creative Assembly decided to take such an unusual step in honor of the anniversary of the series. The project itself received good reviews from critics ( 75 points out of 100 on Metacritic with 47 reviews) and mixed ratings from players (6 points out of 10 in the same place with 191 ratings).

And in September, Sega and Creative Assembly released Amazons, the first expansion for A Total War Saga. It allowed to take under its leadership the legendary Amazons: the fierce warrior queen Penthesileia or her shrewd and zealous sister Hippolyta, to protect Troy from the Achaean invaders.



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