WhatsApp users will be able to use the messenger simultaneously on four devices


WhatsApp users will be able to use the messenger simultaneously on four devices

Enthusiasts researching the code for mobile versions of WhatsApp have discovered an interesting feature that may become available to users of the popular messenger in the future. It’s about multi-device login support that is likely to change the way millions of users around the world interact with the messaging platform.


At the moment, users can use WhatsApp simultaneously on a mobile device and anyone computer through a desktop application or a web client. To connect to the system from a computer or laptop, you will need to stop the current session of connecting to the service. This makes the continuous use of the platform difficult and inconvenient for users since the login process is quite lengthy.

It looks like the WhatsApp developers intend to change this in the future. Enthusiasts have discovered in test builds of the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS data on a function that will allow users to simultaneously log into the messaging platform from different devices. A feature called “Linked Devices” is currently in the testing phase. The message says that the function will support simultaneous authorization to the WhatsApp account for up to four devices, which is quite enough for many users of the messenger.

It’s worth noting that the feature is currently only available in some beta builds of the WhatsApp app. When exactly the developers intend to make it publicly available by adding it to the stable version of the messenger is still unknown.



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