WhatsApp will be able to sync chats between Android and iOS devices


WhatsApp will be able to sync chats between Android and iOS devices

According to online sources, the popular WhatsApp messenger will have a function in the future that will simplify interaction with the service on different platforms. We are talking about the synchronization of chats on Android and iOS, so that users can use the same account on different devices, without losing access to messages. It is also expected that WhatsApp will soon allow the simultaneous use of one account on four devices.


One of the features that WhatsApp users have been missing for a long time is the ability to sync chats between the Android and iOS versions of the messenger. Because of this, users lost their message history when switching from Android to iOS and vice versa. It looks like this is about to change as the developers are currently testing a feature to sync chats between these platforms.

According to available data, in order to use synchronization, the user will need to add additional devices to the settings menu with which he plans to interact with the service. In addition, WhatsApp will remind you to use a Wi-Fi connection before syncing. Since the amount of downloaded data can be large, it is not recommended to perform synchronization while connected to the mobile Internet.

The source notes that the ability to sync chats between Android and iOS platforms has not yet been announced and is under development. This means that it can take a long time before it appears in stable versions of the WhatsApp application.



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