Windows 10 installs web versions of Microsoft Office apps without user permission


Windows 10 installs web versions of Microsoft Office apps without user permission

According to online sources, the Windows 10 operating system forcibly installs web versions of Microsoft office applications on users’ computers that run in the Edge browser. It is noted that first, a forced restart of the OS occurs, after which links to the web version of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. appear in the Start menu.

Windows 10
Windows 10

Initially, it was reported that the forced installation of web versions of Microsoft Office applications would affect only computers of insider program participants. However, later it became known that users of stable versions of Windows 10 noticed similar changes.

Although web applications do not take up space on your local computer, their installation was previously optional. However, Windows 10 does not ask users for permission to install web applications and restart the computer, nor does it tell you in advance what a system restart is for. This Microsoft policy has the potential to impede user experience and performance of all sorts of tasks, and its purpose is to promote the company’s products.

Users who have encountered this behavior in Windows 10 are complaining. It is due to the fact that the operating system does not notify about what a reboot is needed for, as well as the fact that users are actually left with no choice. It’s one thing when the platform is rebooted to install important security updates that increase the reliability of the OS, and quite another when it happens to promote corporate products. Microsoft representatives have so far refrained from commenting on this issue.



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