Xbox head hints at key rings to run xCloud streaming games on TVs


Xbox head hints at key rings to run xCloud streaming games on TVs

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has hinted that the company plans to use key fobs for TVs that support the xCloud cloud gaming service. In an interview with Stratechery, Spencer discussed the potential of optional Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, which could include a free in-box keychain that lets you stream games to xCloud.


“I think you’ll see low-cost devices within our ecosystem – something like streaming key fobs and other devices that you can simply plug into your TV and start playing through xCloud , ” said the executive. ” You might even consider including a device in Game Pass that will enable you to stream xCloud games to your TV simply by purchasing a controller.”

Phil Spencer also did not rule out the possibility of launching Xbox Game Pass Platinum with guaranteed access to new Xbox consoles – it looks like Microsoft is going to experiment in this direction. The idea of ​​a TV box for streaming Xbox games is not new to Microsoft: the company was making such devices under the Xbox brand back in 2016 but dropped the idea. Microsoft has been exploring the possibility of releasing streaming keyfobs since it first demonstrated streaming Halo 4 from the cloud to Windows computers and smartphones back in 2013.

However, Spencer’s first public mention of such solutions implies that the devices may be released soon. Earlier this year, Microsoft partnered with Samsung, and it was only a matter of time before xCloud hit the Korean company’s TVs. 2021 could be an exciting year for the cloud gaming platform, especially as Microsoft plans to upgrade its servers to higher performance hardware compatible with Xbox Series X games. Also, xCloud should appear on Facebook Gaming next year. Finally, Microsoft is working on a web-based solution to launch xCloud on iOS, bypassing App Store restrictions.



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