Vivo TWS Neo

One of the first headphones with Bluetooth 5.2. Introduced fully wireless Vivo TWS Neo

$ 70 worth Last fall, Vivo introduced its first fully wireless headphones with a straightforward TWS name. The manufacturer promised excellent sound quality but also asked a lot for the model - $ 140. That is, Vivo headphones stood at the level of the highly popular Apple AirPods. One of the first headphones with Bluetooth 5.2. Introduced fully wireless Vivo TWS Neo And...
Chinese programs

The application to remove Chinese programs from a smartphone has become a hit

Over a million people downloaded it in two weeks It is difficult to say how the relations between the Chinese and Indians are developing, but at least smartphone users in India do not really like the Chinese software pre-installed on the smartphone. Otherwise, the application with the talking name Remove China Apps would not have experienced such a dizzying take-off, which...
Core i3-10100

Core i3-10100 does not compete with the cheaper Ryzen 3 3100 and is inferior to the three-year Core i7-7700K

But it is far ahead of its predecessor We already met with the older Intel Comet Lake-S processors, it's time to learn about the capabilities of the younger models. Recently, we have already seen a comparison of the Core i3-10100 with the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X, and now on the Web, there is a more extensive test of the...

Xiaomi says goodbye to the Mijia brand – Renamed as Xiaomi Smart Life

The well-known brand may be a thing of the past Xiaomi today announced the renaming of the official channel for smart consumer electronics solutions Mijia in the Weibo social network - now it will be called Xiaomi Smart Life. At the same time, the series logo remained the same. The official announcement said there would be no more changes. At least for now. Xiaomi...

The largest electric plane made its first flight

eCaravan is based on the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Electric planes are still a rarity. Often in such cases, we are talking about prototypes or single copies of a particular model, and in all cases, we are talking about fairly compact aircraft. The largest electric plane made its first flight The other day, the largest electric plane at the moment made its...